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How to lose weight walking?

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lose weight walking

Losing weight seems an unattainable goal, a test with the risks of diet pills, other methods of intense exercise and strict diets that do become torture. But what if he were to answer a few simple steps? Is it possible to lose weight walking? Well, today we will tell you how to lose weight walking


Benefits of walking an hour a day

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Benefits of walkingIf you're getting fat and want to lose that extra weight , take up line but above all, be fit and feel good, we assure you the best exercise there is to walk . Natural for our body movements so that, not only can lose weight, but you will avoid many injuries that produce other high-impact exercises such as running, which may end up damaging the knees. Consider the benefits of walking an hour a day.


Walking barefoot: a great exercise for your feet

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Walking barefootWalking is an exercise widely recognized for its health benefits, but if we do it in a park or in a gym, or just during our daily trips, I always do with shoes, which are often the main cause of problems podiatry as the tension in the arches, formation of bunions, fingers crossed or just an annoying pain.


How to start training to be obese

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How to start trainingWhen a person knows he has a few extra kilos, is aware that should make greater physical effort than usual to download. And this is usually not too motivating when to start training.


Pregnant women: do too little exercise

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exercise for Pregnant womenA new study in the United States shows that pregnant women do not perform the necessary amount of exercise. Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, found that only 23% of pregnant women have the amount of exercise recommended by health authorities and private health groups.


Benefits of walking

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walkingWalking is one of the simplest aerobic exercises, entertaining, relaxing and good for our health. Walking helps strengthen bones, control your weight and maintain in good condition your heart and your lungs. You can increase your quality and life expectancy with and make you just get used to the habit of walking.


How to slim legs

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How to slim legsAccumulating too much fat in your legs? If you have a body and really attractive legs follow these tips that we present in here. Not only will you learn how to lose weight the legs but also gives you free yourself of cellulite. You should not ignore these tips!


Bad habits that cause back pain

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Bad habitsBack pain, especially that which is located in the lower, is not exclusively a result of being poorly seated on a chair in the office. Yes, it all starts when not wanting to adopt a poor posture, but there are many other bad habits that can increase the excruciating back pain that makes us look still.


Design an effective exercise routine to lose weight

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routine exercise In our "struggle" to achieve the ideal physique, sport plays an important role. The activity mobilizes fat and tones muscle, you can lose weight while reaffirming your body.


How to keep the fat-free abdomen?

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fat-free Women with extra pounds, Este attentive to what we said, because today we are dedicated to exposing some tricks to lower the fat of the abdomen.

Why? Because a fat-free abdomen looks better and is much healthier than one with overweight.

There is evidence that fat accumulated in the part of