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Food for the stomach pain

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stomach painYour stomach is hurting? Are you hungry but do not know what to eat because you're afraid that discomfort becomes even worse? Quiet, in Makeufits teach you a list of food for the stomach pain that will alleviate the problem and of course help you in your recovery.


What to do after a bee sting

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bee Enjoying the outdoors is always a great idea, especially during clear, sunny day. Usually all goes well ... unless there is an incident, for example, that someone is stung by a bee. So if you want to be aware and know what to do with a bee sting here are some answers.


The cheese and migraine

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migraineMigraine is a disease characterized by intense headache in one of the two sides of the same, in some cases with low pressure and vomiting. The origin of migraine is often quite confusing and difficult to identify, and a large part of those who suffer from this problem even attend the doctor, since several of these professionals admit not knowing for sure what causes the disorder.


Symptoms of Heartburn

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Symptoms of HeartburnFor those with chronic gastritis, these are old acquaintances. However, the symptoms of heartburn can also manifest in all people from time to time as a result of what is known as heartburn or acid indigestion. So it is good that you know to address them.


The soup as an aid to gastroenteritis

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 chicken noodle soupThe gastroenteritis is an infection that affects the stomach and the intestine, usually causing vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. Most often it is a short box, although it is very annoying and often leaves us more sensitive for a few days.


The effects of heat waves

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The heat wave is an issue often debated in recent days. However, we do not know what can involve excessive heat or sunlight, or how can we protect.

Those most susceptible to the effects of heat are the people of extreme age: children and elderly, who can become dehydrated easily. The elderly are most affected, because they are associated with heart disease, neurological or respiratory (heart failure, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, etc.)…