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Kombucha Tea Benefits

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Kombucha Tea BenefitsToday in Makeufits discuss the properties of Kombucha tea, which has become increasingly popular. The benefits of Kombucha tea are amazing, but it has also brought controversy for some of the components it contains. The reality is that thousands of securing feel better and recover from many evils then start taking it and, if done correctly, there is nothing to worry about more than improving health.


Food for sleep

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sleep deeplyIf you are hours lying at the ceiling or turning over in bed because it costs much to sleep, here I come with a solution to combat insomnia that may not have thought of. Expecting sheep? No! It is sooo easy solution: go to the kitchen for some food for sleep.


Slimming Tea

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weight lose tea Did you know that a cup of tea at every meal can significantly lose weight? We are speaking precisely of green tea, a beverage that provides many health benefits. Among them, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, reduces cholesterol and improves skin appearance.