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How to eat during menopause

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Woman Health CareMenopause brings with it a revolution in women's hormonal. With the loss of fertility, are really annoying symptoms like hot flashes at night, mood swings, bloating and sleep problems. A simple trick to reduce the symptoms of menopause is to have a healthy diet.


Meditation can help with menopause

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MeditationThe menopause or climacteric is a normal part of life, but signs that the time has come can bring great discomfort to women, which can even affect your daily activities. Meditation can help lessen some symptoms such as hot flashes (suffocation), night sweats and insomnia. The University of Massachusetts conducted a study that showed that a technique based on Buddhist meditation reduces stress associated with hot flashes and improves physical functioning, psychological and sexual.


Symptoms of menopause in men

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Andropause or male menopauseMenopause usually relate to girls and the cessation of menstruation, but how much we really know about menopause and andropause? Today Makeufits, I invite you to learn what it's about the andropause and what the symptoms of menopause in men are.