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Anxiety: problems and solutions

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problems and solutionsThe emotional state of constant anxiety is very common in everyday life, because of the amount of accumulated demands, responsibilities and needs that are increasingly growing and boundless.


Babies: sweating during sleep

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Babies sweatingWith the arrival of summer come the high temperatures, which should take more precautions and more specifically if you have a baby, which is much more prone to heat stroke, especially at bedtime.


Muscles to prevent diabetes

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development of muscle Those who spend hours of their week in the gym or fitness room exercising to increase muscle mass usually do for aesthetic reasons, not because they enjoy sweating and body pain that comes after lifting weights.


Natural Solutions to less sweat

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Summer is perfect to wear pretty dresses, bottoms and shirts Hagn you feel cool, but what if you have problems with sweat? It is very common for the problem of excessive sweating is accentuated in the summer, just when you look more beautiful!

Today we recommend homemade solutions to reduce underarm sweating, and having a great summer!