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Bodybuilding and Supplements

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BodybuildingThe bodybuilding or bodybuilding is considered a sport that is based on intense physical exercise, weight lifting and other exercises to shape body muscles. Bodybuilding supplements and sports have always gone together. Supplements are substances taken by athletes involved in exercises such as lifting weights or other sports and aiming the growth of muscles.


Risks of supplements that increase muscle mass

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increase muscle massIn the market there are many products supplements to increase muscle mass that promise to give good results for people who come frequently to perform their routine physical fitness center.


Supplements to strengthen bones

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strengthen bonesWe all know that calcium intake through dairy products and leafy green vegetables, is a fundamental requirement for healthy bones. As the years pass, however, we also add other nutrients to maintain bone density and prevent diseases like osteoporosis.


How to remove underarm odor

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underarm odorSuffering from a bad odor in the armpits is a really embarrassing condition. Therefore, in here could not be oblivious to this uncomfortable problem that can affect us all, will teach you how to remove the odor from the armpits to see, feel and smell you better.


Benefits of Vitamin D

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fat soluble vitaminsThe vitamin D is a nutrient important for many life processes such as absorption of calcium into our bodies, so we must learn their roles and how we can incorporate into our body. In here we tell you what are the benefits of vitamin D, so you will understand how important it is in our lives.