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5 foods for a strong and shiny hair

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shiny hairLet's do something. Open your medicine cabinet, closet, or wherever you keep your beauty products and see how many you use for hair treatment. Many rights? Surely there will keratin shampoo, cream rinse, styling cream, conditioners, anti-frizz, anti dandruff treatments, and the list could continue.


8 foods that is good for your hair

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shiny hairA very important part of your body is no doubt and keep your hair care is a duty that should pay attention every day. Today I will tell you about some foods that help you take care of your hair and keep it healthy.


Rinse lemon for shiny hair and clear

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Perhaps, once heard that the lemon is very good for the hair, but to be exact, which makes this fruit in your hair is to remove any excess grease, polish it, and besides, if you use this rinse to lighten sun ... your hair!


3 lemons (juice)