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Reduce stress eating ice cream

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Reduce stress Who does not like taking a delicious ice cream to cut the routine? Besides being one of the richest desserts and fun there, we now have a better excuse to consume more often as a study by the University of California found that it is possible to reduce stress eating ice cream for ice cream in addition to calm nerves and relieve melancholy.


How to reduce stress without failing in the attempt

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How to reduce stressIf there is a psychological and emotional typical nowadays and almost all have felt more or less acute or severe stress. It seems that the pace of life in today's society is so fast that our feelings and thoughts are totally affected by it to the point of causing undesirable effects such as feelings of stress. Hence the importance of knowing how to reduce stress.


Tips to prevent seasonal allergies

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seasonal allergiesWhen they reach certain months of the year, many people suffer from seasonal allergies annoying. Mucus, nasal inflammation, sneezing, redness and general decay are some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies that occur for various reasons.


Listen to the birdsong to reduce stress

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reduce stressThe stress is one of the main problems of modern life, and that affects us all in greater or lesser degree. The tight routine, exhausting work, transit and social problems are just some of the causes of such a state of stress and tension in people who could lead them to many pictures of tachycardia, respiratory problems, contractions, or complicate any pathologic state.


Reduce stress while driving

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Reduce stressDriving when traffic is slow and heavy is one of the most stressful situations that we can live our daily lives. Moreover if we hurry and get stuck in a line of vehicles bearing the horns of other drivers, which sound that annoying, noise in protest.


What are the effects of exercise in our daily lives?

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daily exerciseWe have commented many times that exercise is good for our health, because it helps us both physically and emotionally. But how does exercise help to improve our lives? How exercise is beneficial for us?

In here we tell you what are the effects of exercise in our daily lives, so you will not doubt that you should exercise from now on.


Bikram Yoga

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The Bikram is one of the last Yogas. This is a very physical yoga exercise consisting of a series of 26 postures, or asanas, but with a particularity: it is done in a room that is between 40 and 43 degree temperatures and a high degree of humidity. To get an idea, would like to practice yoga in a sauna.


15 Ways to Healthy Living

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These days you hear for many deadly diseases. Your loved ones are in danger, and even yourself. Mortality rate has taken a sharp turn due to diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart disease is the most common and many others. This is not to scare, but 90% of lung cancer and other diseases are caused due to smoking may also be a liability, according to the American Lung Association. Keeping your family and yourself risk-free is a duty owed to her health.