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Tips for a life without cigarettes

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life without cigarettesQuitting smoking is not easy to achieve. For those who smoke, it is an immediate source of calm, and nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. However, quitting is not an impossible task; many smokers have been throwing their cigarettes for good. All it takes is a little perseverance and effort.


Benefits of quitting smoking

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 quitting smokingThe benefits of quitting smoking are great to begin with harmful chemicals from the snuff harm the body and inhibit its functions, so that smokers can find many health benefits that become sufficiently motivated to quit smoking and stay in their decision.


How to quit smoking without gaining weight

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quit smoking without gaining weightMany times a smoker decides to make the effort to quit smoking cigarette, but have a concern: the possible weight gain. Many ex-smokers gain weight after quitting smoking, since the initial anxiety, smoking cessation leads to overeating, because nicotine and often acts as an appetite suppressant, so quitting smoking may cause increased the same.


Bad habits that cause back pain

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Bad habitsBack pain, especially that which is located in the lower, is not exclusively a result of being poorly seated on a chair in the office. Yes, it all starts when not wanting to adopt a poor posture, but there are many other bad habits that can increase the excruciating back pain that makes us look still.