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Osteoporosis and its prevention to maintain adequate quality of life

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common disease in older peopleOsteoporosis is a common disease in older people, especially in postmenopausal women. The causes of it are well defined, and there are treatments for prevention. This disease involves a loss of bone minerals, which makes them more fragile and brittle.


To take into account: counting calories does not work

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obsessed with losing weightWhen we are obsessed with losing weight, one of the rules that wrongly supply base our plan is to analyze how many calories each meal before eating it. No matter the flavor or nutrients that each food offered, the only factor that determines whether we eat or not are the amount of calories you read on the package. And if a meal is ready, we will run to the Internet or any other means the information you specify. Unable to eat something without first being sure how many calories!


Improving quality of life

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Improving quality of lifeWe live in a society demanding haste, where we have many things to many at a time, which leads us to be constantly stressed, feeling a lot and do nothing, tired, and why not say, often physically exhausted and psychologically. It is true that we many things such as advance professionally, having more material things, etc.., but at great cost to our health if we do not know how to manage to live, not just surviving but enjoying life.


Quality of life in old age

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Quality of lifeIt is a fact that more and live longer, our life expectancy increases and with it we want to be good as many years as possible, helping our body to stay well longer. For this there are many things we can do, which are listed as carrying a healthy lifestyle, which will help us live better. To learn how we can live better, longer, in Makeufits you discussed how to achieve good quality of life in old age.


Cities with better quality of life

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unique architectural styleWe always hear of the cities with a unique architectural style of most modern cities of which have great technology and characterized to preserve its roots and we look forward to travel and experience, but little is known about the standards of life for them. If we think about life in each city, we see that there are many issues that can influence a city that offers a good lifestyle, and we lost in that search, so in we tell you today what the city for quality of life.


Lose weight, not all strategies work

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Weight loss is a sensitive issue, so it is recommended that generic dieting and learns to maintain weight loss.

The overweight has become a problem not only attacks adults but also children without any liability, negligent are educated by their parents and end up with a very poor quality of life.