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Chocolate? Preventing Alzheimer’s disease?

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Chocolate fans have a new reason to continue their habit of consuming dark precious food. Besides the benefits already know him, drinking chocolate on a daily basis can help prevent memory loss and prevent Alzheimer's disease. We invite you to meet other benefits of chocolate.


Preventing Cancer

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Preventing CancerIf there is a dreaded disease in our days, that is, without any doubt, the cancer: disordered growth of cells in various parts of the body which can affect vital organs causing death.


Preventing allergies naturally

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Preventing allergiesRed, watery eyes? Runny noses? Sneezing everywhere? Well, enough of allergies! We know it is impossible to control the presence of allergens such as pollen, oriental plane, mold and dust circulating in the air. However, we can avoid them and naturally, ie without resorting to drugs. Learn how to prevent allergies naturally follows. Undoubtedly, these tips may help!


Tinnitus: Some recommendations for preventing

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loud noiseI'm sure when you are dancing (or going) the next day you wake up with that annoying ringing in your ears that lasts a few hours after you've raised. Discos, rock concerts or any exposure to high decibel sounds (over eighty) generate such buzz. They are called tinnitus and are more dangerous than you think.