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Avocado: a healthy food

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Nature is wise and gives us everything that our body needs for its development, maintenance and good health as well as to cure various diseases.

Among the healthy foods for our organism are Avocados. It is also very tasty and food that can be included in various recipes, like the famous guacamole, an exquisite Mexican food.


Breakfasts high in antioxidants

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antioxidantsAntioxidants should be part of our diet. These substances present in many foods are essential for the proper functioning of cells, they prevent damage from free radicals, molecules that are produced or "put" in the body when we follow a poor diet, smoke, suffer stress, we exposed to pollution, etc..


A molecule that could prevent cancer

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method of cancer treatmentThe “macroketone "is a molecule recently discovered by American scientists that could prevent a disease so difficult to fight as cancer. Apparently is capable of preventing the spread of cancer cells and malignant tumor formation.


Vitamins to fight cancer

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fight cancerCancer is one of the most feared diseases. While the medicine every day develops more treatments to face, yet there are ways to get rid of it completely. Against this background, we must heed the adage that prevention is better than cure.


Colon cancer, broccoli and cabbage help

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According to recent studies, consumption of vegetables and fruit - dark yellow hopefully - to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer

One study showed the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, dark yellow, which was benefit to be able to reduce the problems associated. The possibility of using various fruits and vegetables should not look at least, experts say, because they are able to effectively prevent various types of colorectal cancers.