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10 reasons to do Pilates

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PilatesUndoubtedly, the practice of Pilates is the exercise of the XXI century. At first, few dared to approach, those who saw it as an extension of yoga or practice meditation such. But today has no boundaries of age, gender or body type. From young athletes home moms or retired grandmothers, all found in the Pilates method to feel better physically. And not at all wrong. Pilates is one of the workouts with greater variety of benefits for the body, and so we give you 10 reasons to do Pilates and join in the move.


The benefits of doing Pilates for pregnant women

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pregnant womenPilates is a form of exercise that combines strength and flexibility along with breathing and relaxation. As major benefits can be emphasized strengthening posture and muscle tone. In the case of pregnant women positive effects can be even greater. Know what.


Pilates exercises to reduce stomach, hips and legs

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In addition to caring for the health of our skeletal system and helps you relax , Pilates helps to improve our figure. Their different positions or movements can we reduce abdomen, hips and legs. Know the most effective Pilates exercises to hone your body:


Are you starting the gym? Learn how your training should be

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It is likely that more than one occasion, despite the sport, having not achieved the expected results. Have you ever wondered how many types of exercise have combined and how often?


Why should I practice Pilates?

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Sport is synonymous with health for our body. Of course we must always choose the right one for our age, fitness and of course be driven by our tastes and interests.