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The Extent to which Smoking Stains Teeth

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Zoom Teeth Whitening There are many reasons that smokers are urged to abandon their destructive habit; smoking is linked to numerous health problems and serious conditions. Smoking is also associated with bad breath and dark stained teeth. In recent decades, it has become not only important to have a healthy smile, but to also have a bright white smile. However, before you pick up whitening strips, you need to put down your cigarettes. You may know that smoking causes stains on the teeth, but many do not realize just how severe those stains can become.


Mouthwash, is it dangerous?

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type of mouthwashMouthwashes can stimulate the development of oral cancer or oral, as published in the Dental Journal of Australia. There is sufficient evidence that mouthwashes have the necessary amount of alcohol to cause damage.


The most common oral diseases

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care of mouthThe mouth is the gateway for the passage of food, but also for many diseases if we are not careful. Normally we do not know, but the health of your mouth goes beyond teeth brushing and has an attractive smile. The most common oral diseases can cause a huge impact on the quality of life of anyone because they can affect the entire body.


The importance of oral hygiene

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good oral hygieneWhen we started our digestive system to name a very important part of the mouth (with all its components like teeth, gums, tongue, etc...), which is critical in food processing. If your mouth has a disease, our physical health will suffer, our digestion, and even our self-esteem, so then we will tell you of the importance of oral hygiene, and learn to care more.