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How to prevent colon cancer

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prevent colon cancerWhile medicine and science are still investigating to find a cure for cancer, while studies are conducted to find out how to prevent it, something very important, as prevention is the best weapon to fight the disease. And never too late to start to prevent! In Makeufits you approach the latest research about how to prevent colon cancer.


Food for sleep

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sleep deeplyIf you are hours lying at the ceiling or turning over in bed because it costs much to sleep, here I come with a solution to combat insomnia that may not have thought of. Expecting sheep? No! It is sooo easy solution: go to the kitchen for some food for sleep.


Three important nutrients at breakfast

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Today we'll talk about 3 important nutrients we should consume at breakfast as we help our fight against fat and improving our food. The first food that talk will be:


Grapefruit properties: