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Tips to improve mood

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improve moodIn life not everything is rosy, the bad news, worries, stress and anxiety are the order of the day. This is nothing new. However, there is something we can change and that's how we cope. Here in Makeufits want to help it with tricks to improve the mood to feel more relaxed and full.


8 foods that is good for your hair

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shiny hairA very important part of your body is no doubt and keep your hair care is a duty that should pay attention every day. Today I will tell you about some foods that help you take care of your hair and keep it healthy.


Foods that affect our mood

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affect moodDid you know that some foods have the power to change our mood, mood and fitness? Well if your answer was no, now you know. Not only that, in recent years has failed to demonstrate that consumption of certain fruit and vegetables may implement the increase in certain brain chemicals that affect and change our moods.


The advantages of running

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running advantages Physical exercise no matter what, is one of the tips that gives you daily in here. This time we focus on one of the most complete and effective for weight loss: talk about the benefits of running.