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He takes good care your makeup!

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makeupIt is important that you present that, along with underwear, a toothbrush or deodorant, make-up also falls within the range of intimate accessories, so you should not pass from hand to hand, especially brushes and sponges, fungi and bacteria that store.


How to sleep properly

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How to sleep properly The sleep is vital for life, is the natural way of recovering the resources expended during the day to continue the next day. But beyond the importance of this process for all living things women should know that having adequate sleep habits is one of the best ways to rejuvenate. If everyone knew how beneficial it is to sleep properly for our bodies, we would spend more time in bed and less makeup.


Pigments: 9 applications you did not know them

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It was great my surprise to learn that the pigments had just purchased from MAC, out of curiosity following the release of Wonder Woman collection, not only served as shadows, but had eight uses.


Makeup enhances your nose

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noseThe nose is one of the most features of the face. Some say that a particular form of nose character or personality can make a person and some people think that if I had any other way it would look much more beautiful and attractive.


How to apply the lashes one by one

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How to apply lashesSomething I always look for girls is always nice and exciting to see us and it always highlight the best of our face, in this case the eyes. These tend to show and talk better than us when it comes to conquer and hence the importance of always achieving a sexy look and seductive.


Chanel Makeup Collection 2011

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The French fashion house Chanel makeup collection offers its autumn / winter 2011.

The collection is called Les Contrasts and has been created by Creative Director worldwide Chanel Makeup, Peter Philips.

The collection features gray eyes and brown tones


Secrets of a Model

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Sometimes they wonder what life will be a model. What things make the models to take care and stay gorgeous?

In this paper, we discussed about the secrets of a model

How you care for your skin?


Skin Care: Need For All

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The skin on your body definitely calls for the daily care for, because in some areas like the face or hands, often suffer much more from the consequences of external agents such as cold or heat, or wear makeup, etc. That is why although it seems that summer is the time when care is most often due to sun protection, we can not neglect even in the colder months and is why it is highly recommended that always keep hydrated.


Makeup: How To Best Eyes Too Close Together Or Too Far Apart

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When making up your eyes, you may encounter another problem, or rather, two distinct, eyes too close together or too far apart. You can also use some tricks to get better results. "To make up some eyes too close together, try using the shadows Max Colour Effect Trio and Perfection Eyeliner Color Profiler, starting from the middle of the eyelid out, bringing light to tear. It is important not to obscure


Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Against Wrinkles

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We know that not always the makeup or natural remedies are the results we want or we wish we could get over the years, so now they are catching on that many women bet on treatments that do not have to involve undergo a cosmetic operation.

Is the famous case of hyaluronic acid that many celebrities have been completed and that serves