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Lose Fat While You Sleep Through Dieting and Exercising

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Lose Fat

Weight Lose Resistance Training Is The Absolute Best

I spent a long time believing in the myth that the only way I could lose weight was to put in at least thirty minutes every day on the treadmill. It’s no wonder why I failed! I was equating losing weight with losing pounds on the scales. So I totally overlooked resistance training.


The best exercise to lose fat

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exercise to lose fatWhen we exercise, depending on the type of sport that we make and the intensity with which we practice, our body will get the energy it needs from carbohydrates or fats.


How to gain muscle mass fast

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gain muscleThe magazines are full of tips on how to lose fat and gain muscle mass in a short time. However, these tips to increase muscle mass not work for everyone in the same way. Here we show you how to gain muscle mass fast and achieve your goals in a shorter period.