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Running with allergies, asthma and stomach pains

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RunningJogging is a healthy activity, invigorating and refreshing for the mind and the body. However, it can become a complete suffer martyrdom if you have any health problems that hinders your workouts, whether in low, medium or high.


Why cycling?

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strengthens musclesThe options when exercising are different, and between spinning, jogging, cycling, or just a walk, you can choose the one that suits you. However, if you're really bored of exercising the same way it may be time to change, and indeed this could do much good to your body.


The best exercise to lose fat

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exercise to lose fatWhen we exercise, depending on the type of sport that we make and the intensity with which we practice, our body will get the energy it needs from carbohydrates or fats.


10 precautions before jogging

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precautions before jogging There comes a time of year when we all want to take off those extra kilos that left the winter. Almost always choose the most practical and economical solution, which is to go jogging. However jogging can be risky if you are not used. Therefore, you can consider the following precautions before leaving 10 running.


The advantages of running

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running advantages Physical exercise no matter what, is one of the tips that gives you daily in here. This time we focus on one of the most complete and effective for weight loss: talk about the benefits of running.


Jogging, an excellent sport for health

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This sport should be one of the cheaper and easier to perform. All you have to have is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes and ready. There is no fee to pay or have any equipment or accessory. Above, enjoying a good landscape.

We refer to running, a sport that is gaining adherents. But look carefully every time we're going to work in the morning there is almost no space or