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Anemia and iron

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Anemia and ironAnemia occurs when there is a shortage of red blood cells, making it possible to identify anemia through a complete blood count. Because red blood cells have the function to distribute oxygen throughout the body, lower your blood levels involve the malfunction of the body and the constant feeling of fatigue and lack of energy, which are the main symptoms of anemia , which occurs by mainly iron deficiency.


How to consume vitamins

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consume vitaminsWe all know how important the daily intake of vitamins and nutrients for health, beauty and performance of the body. Although many people opt for the consumption of vitamin supplements manufactured in the laboratory that often has little economic cost, there are different foods and different ways to add to our diet naturally.


Healthy food for hair

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food for hairWhat you need to keep hair strong, healthy, good-smooth and shiny like the commercial models-is not at the salon or beauty salon. It's in your kitchen! Or at least, in the supermarket. While investing money at the hairdresser influences what really makes the hair look healthy and maintain a balanced diet is rich in nutritious food.


Iron-rich foods for vegetarians

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Iron-rich foodsRed meat is one of the richest foods in iron. Therefore, we are always recommended to prevent anemia. But what about vegetarians? Because they do not eat meat should seek other alternatives to ensure the intake of iron needed. So here in Makeufits them is a listing of iron rich foods for vegetarians.


Eating for a healthy hair

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hair careHair is dead tissue but it is our body that produces food so it is very important to have a hair silky, shiny and strong. Your food is part of your hair care.


Say goodbye to anemia with our tips

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The anemia is a disease that attacks the blood of two ways: by low production of red blood cells or by removing the red blood cells at the hands of white blood cells. Anemia can cause weakness in the person, and very sleepy, dizziness and lack of menstruation in some women.