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Physical Fitness – What is it? How?

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Most human beings realize it or want to increase their practice, in order to have good health and physical state road, but never ask ourselves, what is physical activity?

Caspersen, Powell and Christenson physical activity defined as "any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure." Doctors propose a simple but interesting formula to find the total energy expenditure that we have each day, and is as follows:


Proper hydration and nutrition if you go to the gym

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There are many myths about diet and / or consumption of water before, during or after exercise. The stories of the athletes who lose weight quickly prior to testing, fueling the rumors. Be aware, however, that the loss of water from the body does not mean a loss of pounds, rather than temporary, and that dehydration can only be a disadvantage.


How to increase muscle mass without risk to health

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Usually when you train in the gym try to improve fitness, increase muscle mass of arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks back. But not everyone gets the desired purpose.

To increase muscle mass, do not overdo the workout, and consume large amounts of protein, much less use anabolic steroids.