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How to prevent a heart attack

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How to preventUntil recently, heart attacks were a problem related only to men over 40 years. However, today it is found that any of us can be a victim of heart failure. Therefore, Health Living you about some things you should keep in mind to prevent a heart attack and have a healthier life in all aspects.


Stroke: what are your symptoms and how to prevent it?

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how to preventThe word stroke automatically links the idea of a bad surprise. But apparently my idea that if it takes you by surprise attack is not correct. A heart can know, prevent and detect. Cerebral infarction occurs when an artery in the brain becomes blocked or ruptures, leaving to supply blood flow to the brain cells that no longer receive oxygen and die.


How to prevent thinning of the face to lose weight

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We all want to stay on the weight, but it is a difficult task, with every temptation there is, the sedentary lifestyle we may have eating disorders to which we submit ourselves to work and above all, with age. If we are overweight and we control it, another problem arises: the skin no longer looks the same, and our face, especially, suffer the consequences, too thin and haggard looking.


How to prevent ear infections during the summer

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Due to the humidity that exists in the environment, especially in summer, water pools and beaches and a wrong hygiene can suffer ear infections, blockages and even hearing loss. So we're going to give you some tips to prevent this from happening.