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Consequences of poor sleep

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chronic insomniaBecause we had to study for an exam important, backlog or because we were worried or anxious about a particular fact, I think we've all had the experience of not sleeping for a couple of nights. However, if the lack of a good rests us so often happens, the consequences of poor sleep can be fatal to our health.


The pill reduces the risk of cancer and heart attacks

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pillA simple pill that several women in the world use to avoid becoming pregnant, can also be considered from now on as a protection against cancer and heart disease. Thus, women who use this method of contraception are less likely to suffer from these diseases.


Antioxidants: new trend

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new trend of dietFood is a fundamental part of our lives (I would say that the most important), and as such, as part of our life, not escape fashion. As with the clothing in relation to food is also different trends emerge. Especially with the influence of the market that can help you today that we are vegetarians, but tomorrow we may want only raw food list.