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The other awkward fashion (high heels)

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heelsUsing high heels is always fashionable. However, the risks of wearing high heels , with posture problems and hip pain, among others.   You may be surprised with what we have to tell in this release: fashion themselves uncomfortable when it comes to your health.


What good is vitamin B12

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vitamin B12Few know what it is for vitamin B12 , however, if not for her, we would not have so much energy every day. Without a doubt, the key to a healthy life is a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients needed for day to day. So today we would like to explain the benefits of vitamin B12 and what foods you can find.


Agenda healthy habits

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 healthy habitsIf you want to begin acquiring healthy habits to improve your quality of life, you must implement them throughout the day. By going one day a week to the gym or to change the bread not going to solve much. Need for new practices to improve your quality of life, a radical change and for this we offer you a schedule of healthy habits with new activities, apart from the most common.


Lovemaking improve your health

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Healthy LivingImprove your health depends on various aspects, but a very important one, and suddenly not've put all the attention it requires, has to do with sex. Did you know that making love improves your health ?

Precisely sex has a lot to do with healthy living and exercise. Here are some arguments about the benefits of sex you can even chat with your partner.


Recommended foods for after Fourty

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Recommended foodsAfter 40 not only more difficult to maintain the weight, but begin to be minor health hiccups as slightly high levels of cholesterol or higher pressure.

So it is very important to take care of our food and maintain healthy habits , such as exercise and smoking cessation. In particular, we propose to know some recommended food after 40 that surely will make you feel better.


How to cure a cough

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 cure a coughCoughing is a natural process by which our body gets rid of substances and external agents, such as mucus, housed in the airways and lungs.

However, what is a body response to remove a foreign substance to the body can bring some complications and discomfort.

For this simple reason, we'll talk about how to cure cough , also explains some of the causes of rosacea and the measures to be taken .


Discover the truth about colds

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truth about coldsThere are times of the year when we can not seem to get rid of the famous constipated, cold or cold, with the annoying cough, mucus, etc...

But this is not true, we take many precautions to prevent this is the case every year at the same periods. In addition there are many myths about colds to be to disprove once and for all we know the truth about colds.


How to control food cravings

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control food cravingsFeeding and how they contribute to our body of different foods and their nutritional values is a vast and exciting world. In Makeufits’ve talked about some cravings, your nutritional causes and how to combat them, as in the case of chocolate.


4 Steps to Choosing Your Life Alert Systems

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Life Alert SystemsWhile choosing your life alert systems, you may look into the costs; however the life alert cost should not be your main concern. There are other things that you need to consider to choose the best system for you. After all, this is about saving your life in the future, which will reduce the cost of medical bills or hardship on your family.


Tips for a better quality of life

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better quality of lifeThe current lifestyle leads too many types of ailments have many physical and psychological. Hospitals are always full of patients, GPs can not cope with the number of daily visits by more or less common diseases, and various disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress are the order of the day.