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Agenda healthy habits

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 healthy habitsIf you want to begin acquiring healthy habits to improve your quality of life, you must implement them throughout the day. By going one day a week to the gym or to change the bread not going to solve much. Need for new practices to improve your quality of life, a radical change and for this we offer you a schedule of healthy habits with new activities, apart from the most common.


10 healthy habits

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healthy habitsCarry healthy habits are essential to stay healthy, young and fit beyond what our age. Follow a healthy life ultimately makes us a better life. In Makeufits've made a list of 10 healthy habits that you should never ignore.


Laughter and your health benefits

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Laughter health benefitsWe already told you that smile is good for the soul, makes us happier for us and people around us. But did you know that in addition to psychological benefits, laughter is good for overall health? Makeufits tells you all about why it is said that laughter is one of the best medicines.


Healthy habits in the office

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Healthy habits in officeWe spent a good part of the day at the office, so it is essential to adopt healthy habits in our work to an optimal quality of life. Such habits also help us to perform much better when we are working, as we have with energy, improve our concentration and we cleared when fatigue strikes us in full swing.


Fun fitness tips for the holidays

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Besides being writers I'm also a personal fitness trainer and licensed often ask me about the creative ideas you can use ordinary people to stay in shape. Well, here are some few fun tips to help you secure this season.