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Running with allergies, asthma and stomach pains

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RunningJogging is a healthy activity, invigorating and refreshing for the mind and the body. However, it can become a complete suffer martyrdom if you have any health problems that hinders your workouts, whether in low, medium or high.


When your face speaks for your health

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face speaks for your healthContemplating our reflection in the mirror constantly can not only meet that inevitable vanity we all suffer but also become the best detector of small symptoms that may indicate health problems. Apparently, according to experts, our face can say more than we imagine...


Symptoms of common health problems after 40 years

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common health problemsAfter 40 years we are entering a stage of life in which our health care becomes very important. There is much information around this age and health problems that usually occur over the years but not in all cases is exactly the issue and report on symptoms and what should concern us.


Treatable childhood health problems in adulthood

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child health careIn Makeufits, we talked about the child health care and those diseases and disorders of childhood, such as childhood obesity, and the consequences that may result in an adult. Today we will play a similar theme, but it has to do with child health problems are cured in adults.


Consequences of poor blood circulation

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poor blood circulationThe blood flow is essential for the system body, responsible for supplying the nutrients and substances requiring organs, cells, bone, muscle, or any part of the human body.


Gluten and Carbohydrates: should we eliminate them from your diet?

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Gluten One certainty we all have an imminent visit to the doctor is the dreaded but inevitable restructuring of the diet. Est is not unusual when you consider that, as a rule, we feed the poor and unintentionally encourage you numerous health problems that affect us daily.


Tips to gain weight

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gain weightSometimes we think that being thin is synonymous with being healthy and that's not always the case. While some want to lose weight, others need fat for, precisely, to be healthy. The thinness often brings health problems such as anemia, weakness in the immune system, fragile bones and fertility problems.


Food to stay young

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FoodAll around the world have sought for years a lot of food to stay young, foods that reduce the symptoms of aging and all that work to slow the aging process naturally or not. Is that, of course, nobody likes to see that is aging your skin no longer looks the same and your body is not responding the same way I did before, in addition to health problems begin to highlight during this period.


Goodbye Cancer: Dairy products to eliminate the development of these problems

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Dairy products to eliminate CancerA recent research has revealed very positive news on the prevention of breast cancer and colon cancer. The news is very interesting because it points to the consumption of dairy products to eliminate the development of these problems, an issue linked to healthy eating and food properties, one we take very often in Makeufits.


10 ways to burn calories

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ways to burn caloriesWhen we look overweight ways to burn calories and we want quick and easy to perform. So are there many health problems when consumed drugs that are made from toxic plants that cause dehydration and serious health disorders.