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Negative effects of sweeteners

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effects of sweeteners Sweeteners are dietary supplements commonly used to replace refined sugar, popularly regarded as healthier because of their lack of calories. But nevertheless, despite that these products are often recommended by health professionals themselves, have conducted research on the possible negative effects of sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin, among others.


Eyestrain: The eye exercises to relax

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EyestrainOne of the major complications of advance of new technologies has to do with eye strain caused by the excessive retention compared to monitors and screens of phones. How can we recover from this visual fatigue?


Foods that can cause you headaches

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Foods cause headachesThe migraine or migraine is one of the worst pains that we feel, as it has a direct solution to heal once the suffering. However, we can not cure but we can prevent it. There are certain foods that depending on our body trigger migraine in our minds, and today I will show you some of the most common foods that cause this feeling.


Foods to Fight PMS

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Fight PMSAll women in the world suffer a greater or lesser extent, premenstrual syndrome at least once in our lives. These are symptoms that appear weeks or days before menstruation due to hormonal changes, and usually disappear after the beginning of the period.


Drugs that cause heartburn and stomach pain

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cause heartburnOften heartburn and stomach pain are in the wrong time, when we are at work, at a meeting or at a party with our loved ones, ruining the day or grabbing attention when we needed to be more attentive.


Restless legs syndrome: a mere inconvenience or cause of insomnia?

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cause of insomniaRestless Legs Syndrome (also known as Ekbom Syndrome Acromelalgia or) is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move the legs due to an unbearable tingling sensation that runs through. For their unfortunate victims, the syndrome occurs in periods of rest and relaxation, like sleep for example.


Symptoms of anemia

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anemiaWhen you do not eat enough iron-rich foods , we run the risk of anemia. This disease is characterized by a lack of red blood cells, which are the cells that carry oxygen to our tissues.


How to cure sinusitis

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sinusitisSinusitis is a condition involving inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages (sinuses) that causes a buildup of mucus. This, in turn, results in excruciating pain or pressure in the area between the eyebrows, around the eyes and face. You can also feel bloated and headaches.



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Reflexology is a massage that awakens in the body self-healing process. It is a combination of science and art. As a science requires a thorough study of the organism and great knowledge of the techniques and skills, and as a healing art, it is essential that reflexology is applied with concentration, perception and sensitivity.