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List of foods rich in folic acid

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rich in folic acidFolic acid is a type of B vitamin soluble in water which is of great importance to our health. This vitamin plays a valuable role in cell reconstitution and helps prevent various diseases or treat them. For this reason, here you will provide a list of foods rich in folic acid.


5 foods of the ancient Incas and their benefits

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ancient Incas and their benefitsThe Incas built an empire of great cultural and demographic before the arrival of the Spanish in America, being known for its advances in architectural constructions and their rich culture. Part of this important heritage corresponds to various foods, which were grown and harvested for its immense nutritional properties. In Living Health we offer a guide to learn more about 5 foods of the ancient Incas and their benefits to health.


What foods are rich in potassium?

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rich in potassiumThe bananas were always associated with potassium, for indeed we provide good amounts of this mineral. However, it is the only food that can be found. Would you like to know what other foods are rich in potassium? Read on, because you list a fairly comprehensive list.


Foods to fight aging

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fight agingToday in Makeufits discuss anti-aging food. Everyone knows that oxygen is vital for humans, but what many do not know is that constant exposure to it causes irreversible damage to our cells and organic structures.


Foods with iodine

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Foods with iodineIodine is an important mineral for our health. This takes care of the hormonal activity of the body, especially the thyroid hormone that is involved in the operation of the gland thyroid. Thus, the iodine is essential for growth, development and functioning of our organs, metabolic activity, and at the same time to avoid problems such as hypothyroidism.


5 Foods you should eliminate from your diet

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eliminate from your dietAlthough more and more talk about healthy living and good habits, health problems continue to occur more frequently. In many cases, they are encouraged by ourselves and our poor diet, basically. Or did you tell me you've never eaten a food knowing it is bad for your health?


5 foods to accentuate your beauty

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foods to accentuate your beautyWe all know that a healthy diet is the main factor that influences our well-being and quality of life, but the variety of nutrients that enter our body when we eat a food also helps to beauty.


5 foods for a strong and shiny hair

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shiny hairLet's do something. Open your medicine cabinet, closet, or wherever you keep your beauty products and see how many you use for hair treatment. Many rights? Surely there will keratin shampoo, cream rinse, styling cream, conditioners, anti-frizz, anti dandruff treatments, and the list could continue.


Foods that benefit the mammary glands

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mammary glandsOften associate the term mammary gland with all they have to do the breast, but in fact this terminology applies specifically to those glands responsible for milk production.


Foods that increase serotonin and dopamine

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serotonin and dopamineSerotonin and dopamine are major neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, appetite and mood, and its presence in the body a key to combating problems such as depression and addiction.