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How to protect your eyes

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protect your eyesTell me the truth: are you taking care of your eyes as they deserve? I ask because, although it is important that the sense of sight for the human being is a part of the body requires more care than usually take. Since sunlight exposure to the computer screen, over time and follow a poor diet, many situations that threaten vision.


Wearing sunglasses is essential to protect our eyes

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Wearing sunglassesWe are all aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun during the summer, we know that burns can be severe and even lead to very serious diseases like cancer. But we realize that taking care of our eyes from sun exposure is just as important?


Avoiding damage to our eyes with readable

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eyes careWith the advancement of new technologies, the human being in general, whether for business or leisure, often spend many hours on the computer r. This can lead to some problems in view, besides other things, such as backaches and headaches.


The dye according to your color of your skin and eyes, discover how to look better!

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Hair Colors

If we have decided tinted hair, choose the correct color of the dye is now the next step, which will depend on several factors. Of course, the most important are our eyes and skin tones, as their good combination that will, together, keep a look not only more attractive and appealing but also harmonious. The idea then, thinks about what we do best according to our special features.