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What is postpartum depression?

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depressionMotherhood is often socially associated to a time of fullness, in which everything works great and when the process of adaptation to the baby lives with total enthusiasm and happiness. However, there is a phenomenon that is quite undervalued one of the many existing forms of depression, and is called postpartum depression.


Kleptomania: a psychological disorder of compulsive thief

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psychological disorder of compulsive thiefKleptomania is a very particular psychological disorder that can cause serious problems for those who suffer and whose consequences are not aware kleptomaniac. In Makeufits, we always keep abreast of everything that concerns health, as we often say, the more we know less risk we will be running and although it is a disease that can spread or come from one moment to the other, a some new knowledge always do well. Today we present everything you need to know about kleptomania.


Anorexia, the disease to be thin

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It is one of the scourges of the modern world and thousands of women have fallen under its claws. Learn all about anorexia, its causes and the terrible impact that in a society increasingly hungry for models with less weight.