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Does eating to lose weight?

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lose weight

When it comes to implementing diets to lose weight, the first thing people think about is to stop eating and that idea erroneously catapult and healthy eating as a painful effort and sacrifice. However, there is other ways in which such food can make you lose a size other. Look at what it is like to eat to lose weight.


Tips for eating and preserving food

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preserving food

Is it normally the garbage out of your house is composed rotting vegetables, decaying fruit and other foods that are not used? If so, and you think that does not matter, wakes up from sleep! We are in times when you cannot waste anything.

So today we will see some tips and conservation of food consumption to avoid wastage of food poisoning and possible problems. The following are tips to watch your pocket, your diet, and environment.


Reasons for eating a green apple a day

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eating a green appleThe next time you go grocery shopping or to the grocery store, do not forget to put in your basket a lot of apples , one of the healthiest fruits , rich, economical and available at any time of year. Red or green?? Actually, it does not matter, apples are a healthy food regardless hyper color, but this time we will focus on green apples.


Benefits of eating vegetables

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eating vegetablesLegumes are one of the types of foods that are more nutritious. Especially worth meatless diets for their great contribution of proteins, lentils, chickpeas and beans or beans of all types give us numerous nutritional intakes. Now, let's see what the benefits of eating vegetables are.


Reduce stress eating ice cream

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Reduce stress Who does not like taking a delicious ice cream to cut the routine? Besides being one of the richest desserts and fun there, we now have a better excuse to consume more often as a study by the University of California found that it is possible to reduce stress eating ice cream for ice cream in addition to calm nerves and relieve melancholy.


Lose weight by eating rice

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Lose weight by eating riceWhen we have some extra kilos and feel the need to get in shape doing some diet or trying to choose foods with fewer calories, think of things you can eat without problems and those that we have to eliminate.


Sleep after eating is bad?

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Sleep While it is true that the food consumed before bedtime become fat during sleep, there are good reasons to avoid going to bed after having enjoyed the good food.


Eating bananas to combat hangover

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combat hangoverA night out with friends is fine, but not the consequent probable hangover the next day you'll have these outputs, where moderation is not usually the mark. But how to cope with that hideous discomfort, which could be extended to the rest of the day?


Eating raw carrots to curb overactive bladder

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overactive bladderThe overactive bladder syndrome is not simply the increased frequency of urination, which in other words means that our desire to urinate much more frequently than normal, leading to great discomfort and even some complications in our everyday life.


6 benefits asparagus health

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asparagus healthAsparagus is one of those typical of spring vegetables. They have a unique flavor and are more than nutritious. Do you know the benefits of adding the asparagus to your diet?

For the asparagus have many vitamins and properties bring many benefits if used in foods. Currently you Makeufits invite you to visit some of them here with 6 benefits asparagus health.