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5 Top Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

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Getting your kids to eat all the vegetables that they should be is not always an easy task. Kids just love to turn their noses up at all those healthy greens, and it can be distressing for any parent when their children point blank refuse to eat them. What is a parent to do? Here are five top tips that you can use to encourage your kids to eat their greens without all the drama.


7 reasons to eat cinnamon

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eat cinnamonThere are some foods, herbs and spices that are not only beneficial to the body, but also help to sweeten our lives for its delicious taste. Who has not tasted rich desserts with cinnamon, like the exquisite rice pudding?


Exercise Guide: What to eat before exercising?

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eat before exercisingIf you are a novice in this sport to do either in the gym, at home or outdoors, you should know what to eat before exercise. Many people who start exercising worried about losing weight exercising believe fasting is indicated, but actually wrong. Nor is it true that you should gorge on food before sports. So we will see what the right size is.


How to eat during menopause

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Woman Health CareMenopause brings with it a revolution in women's hormonal. With the loss of fertility, are really annoying symptoms like hot flashes at night, mood swings, bloating and sleep problems. A simple trick to reduce the symptoms of menopause is to have a healthy diet.


What We are eat?

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what we eatIs a phrase that has long been hanging around and because it is a lie. This involves an absolute truth, truly "is what you eat".

There is no way to be beautiful or maintaining healthy skin if power is not with us, especially the consumption of fruit and vegetable servings, and that according to quantity, the skin will become more yellow or pink.


Eat lots of garlic causes eye damage

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garlic causes eye damageGarlic has a lot of healing properties and benefits that give a very special character, is tasty and can be used in a huge variety of dishes and is a very economical vegetable that you can even plant it in your garden.


How to eat after a tooth extraction

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tooth extractionAfter the extraction of a tooth, we need to feed properly and carry out a series of care that include a specific type of power. Probably when discomfort in the mouth and palate disappear and appetite return after extraction your dentist will tell you a range of foods to avoid preventing problems.


How much fish is good to eat?

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healthyIt is undeniable that the fish and all foods from the sea are super healthy, it is truly tested. Fish is one of the best sources of protein, essential fats and other nutrients our bodies need.

According to Food Standards Agency in the UK: "We should eat at least two servings of fish a week including one of oily fish. But it seems that most people are not eating enough."


Tips for maintaining a healthy weight

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After many weeks, months and even years the diet, many people find that once the diet has been successfully demonstrated, the real challenge begins. The real challenge of the diet is to maintain your ideal weight once you have gone through months of dieting. Here are some tips I've seen my friends and family used to help you adapt to eat to maintain a healthy weight after long periods of diet and exercise.


Eating the same every day help you lose weight

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Want to lose weight? Eat the same thing every day.

Eat the same food every day that people would lose some interest in food, start eating less and consequently lose weight.