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Normal blood pressure

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blood pressure

Blood pressure occurs when the heart muscle contracts, is the pressure of blood in the arteries and remains the same for as long as this changes depending on the needs of the body of every human being. The normal blood pressure values are those appropriate for health but the pressure may rise and fall of these figures by various factors such as exercise, breathing, emotional state, health issues, among others.


Traffic increases stress and blood pressure

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Traffic increases stressTraffic noise is a major source of noise within a community. On this topic has made a study a group of Swedish researchers. It concluded that live near roads with heavy traffic can increase the risk of high blood pressure. A sample of 24. 238 Swedish adults showed that those living near noisy streets have a higher pressure than those in quieter environments.


How to control high blood pressure

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control high blood pressurHigh blood pressure commonly known as hypertension is a condition that affects the body at different levels characterized by the constant increase in blood pressure in the arteries. It is a chronic and affects other medical conditions such as disease, atherosclerosis, kidney disease and cardiovascular diseases, among others.


The benefits of yoga for health

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yoga for healthYoga is undoubtedly one of the best disciplines for our health care. It is more than a physical exercise; it also involves our mental and spiritual state. While it seems to be fashionable in recent years-for example, many celebrities practice it to stay beautiful and young-is a discipline practiced since ancient times in India, about 5 million years.


Flatulence is good for controlling blood pressure

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blood pressureMost of the time talking about flatulence is not pleasant, but today these nasty gases are synonymous with good health. A new study found that it is due to gases, the body controls blood pressure.


Consequences of hypertension

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high blood pressureHypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that is determined by the blood pumped by the heart and the resistance of the arteries as the heart pumps more blood and the arteries are narrow, the higher the blood pressure.


How to control diabetes

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diabetes is seriousThe diabetes is a common condition, which requires changes in lifestyle to be controlled, and the use of medication and regular visits to the doctor. If a person with this disease is allowed to stand, their health can deteriorate badly, so it is very necessary to know how to control diabetes and know what steps must be taken to stay well and to lead a good quality of life.


Excess abdominal fat

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abdominal fatExcess weight, a rival, an inconvenience that we dislike, we are ugly, an indicator of global health, the typical problem when choosing size ... The belly!