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Be Intelligent When You Choose The Best Toothpaste


It is hard to not get persuaded by the claims made by companies in their advertisements since they sound so convincing when they show laboratories and individuals wearing the white coats claiming to have done years of experiments before creating the product. Some toothpastes are claimed to be the best while others really are the best. Most often you wouldn’t know about the best and even if you get to know about it you might not find it fascinating enough to purchase. But do features, flavors, smells and claims make a toothpaste the fluoride free toothpaste?

Not really, it is not true at all. When you go in a super market or grocery store you find hundreds of different kinds of toothpastes and many of them you have not even seen before. But naturally you will first look at the ones you have always seen being advertised on TV. A toothpaste that contains fluoride is mostly considered the fluoride free toothpaste. Just close to it there is toothpaste that says it is fluoride free toothpaste and this really sounds funny to you. This is where you have to be neutral in your approach and let your mind decide without any favoritism.

ToothpasteIf there is best toothpaste in the aisle, why do you think it is there? Is it only a marketing gimmick to have toothpaste that does not contain any fluoride? Are these guys only trying to get people’s attention? What if it really matters to not have fluoride in your toothpaste? These are the questions you must ask yourself but it is most advisable to at least pick the toothpaste up and read a few things off of it. You might find something that is useful and which really makes this toothpaste the fluoride free toothpaste for you.

If your teeth are showing signs of discoloration and this toothpaste talks about it and claims that the discoloration is due to the presence of fluoride, you should at least research on it. In reality, yes, there is a big debate among professors, dentists and scientists on the matter of fluoride. While many believe that fluoride is most needed for dental strength, others are talking about its negative effects on digestive system and bones which is not denied by the doctors with the opposite view too. In short, if you already have dental fluorosis, fluoride containing toothpaste is not the fluoride free toothpaste but could be the worst for you.

What if your favorite toothpaste contains SLS? Did you know it is a detergent and its only function is to form foams in your toothpaste? Did you also know that it has been reported to cause oral cancers and many other adverse effects in your oral cavity? So, is your favorite toothpaste the right toothpaste to buy here or the one that doesn’t contain SLS? It is possible for both, fluoride containing and fluoride free toothpaste to have or not have SLS. Make sure you pick the one that doesn’t have SLS in it. Lastly, never change such products without talking to your dentist.

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