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Benefits rejuvelac

tonic rejuvelacThe digestive problems are the most common disorders that anyone can suffer, so have a natural tonic as rejuvelac about it can be a good strategy to avoid us when indigestion, constipation, intestinal inflammation or other problems of this kind. In addition, the benefits of rejuvelac we must add its rich nutritional value and a positive effect that helps improve overall health.

What is rejuvelac?

The tonic rejuvelac is produced based on sprouted grains of wheat, rye or quinoa mainly that water left to ferment in order to get a drink of golden color with outstanding benefits for digestive health and nutritional composition associated with rejuvenation and improvement in quality of life.

And while the word rejuvelac refers to a trademark, this perfectly natural product can be prepared and consumed as a tract home.

Properties and uses of rejuvelac

As I mentioned, the main advantage of rejuvelac is the optimization of the digestive process. Its benefits include the contribution of important enzymes to help digest food and allow their nutrients to be properly assimilated by the body and enable a strong immune system and particularly resistant to diseases flu.

Furthermore, the fermented beverage is soothing to cases constipation, colon problems for cleaning the intestinal tract, and especially to combat harmful bacteria present in the intestinal flora, through the action of lactic acid contained therein.

But in addition to its use as a treatment for poor digestion and / or gastrointestinal problems, the rejuvelac is in itself an interesting food nutritional content. They include proteins, saccharin, enzymes, and vitamin B12, which promote cellular health and are very helpful to stimulate the metabolism of several micronutrients, and to reduce and / or prevent intestinal inflammation.

How Rejuvelac consume?

Drinking small amounts before each meal, especially if usually suffer digestive problems, is a good way to prevent all types of gastrointestinal disorders and to provide the body with the nutritional contributions rejuvelac contains beneficial.

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