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How to protect your eyes

protect your eyesTell me the truth: are you taking care of your eyes as they deserve? I ask because, although it is important that the sense of sight for the human being is a part of the body requires more care than usually take. Since sunlight exposure to the computer screen, over time and follow a poor diet, many situations that threaten vision.

In Makeufits bring several tips to learn how to protect your eyes and begin to preserve vision.

Eye Care

Visit your ophthalmologist

We must all realize ourselves an eye exam from age 20, even if we have perfect vision, and see an ophthalmologist every so often to check that everything is under control. According to Stephanie Marioneaux, MD, of the American Academy of Ophthalmology can be a long time without realizing that we have a problem until the eye is identified, only a professional can detect subtle changes or symptoms that might indicate a future problem or disease in our view . Prevention is always better than cure, right?

If you wear glasses, you should consult with an ophthalmologist every two years. If you wear contact lenses every year.

Wear sunglasses all year

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory during the summer. We use them all year! On sunny days and cloudy, as the powerful UV rays penetrate clouds. The use of sunglasses protects us all a year of cumulative damage from the sun in our eyes if we are not careful, we may develop eye disease in the short and long term, such as cataracts.

Recommendation? Invest in a good pair of sunglasses with UVA and UVB filter and possibly design "envelope" that also covers the sides of the eyes.

Avoid dry eyes

Prolonged exposure to computer screens, air conditioning, dry environments, suffer from seasonal allergies or autoimmune diseases, hormonal changes, and taking drugs antihistamines, among other things, can cause dry eyes. This is a very annoying condition with burning, itching and excessive tearing, because the eyes naturally produce tears to protect itself from lack of hydration. You can visit our article on how to prevent dry eyes to relieve symptoms and to get rid of this problem for your vision.

No abuse of contact lenses

Contact lenses are much more practical. However, they were not created for use at all times, from time to time we take a break from them and return to traditional glasses, especially if we have been experiencing symptoms such as red eye, blurred vision, tearing or sensitivity to light, indicating an irritation or infection. Of course, never use your contact lenses to sleep!

If you wear contact lenses is also important to follow a series of special care: see our tips for caring for contact lenses.

Controlling eye makeup

Eye makeup looks pretty, but we must take some precautions for the care of our vision. First and foremost it is essential to remove makeup when we get home or before going to sleep. It is also important to clean cosmetics after several uses, replacing them with new ones after a while and try not to share them with others, as they are a route of transmission and spread of bacteria that can damage the eyes.

If you suffer from dry eyes or use contact lenses avoid using shiny or metallic shades because they can worsen the irritation. And if you have any eye infection directly do not use eye makeup.

Wear safety glasses when necessary

It is vital that you use safety glasses when you're mowing the lawn or gardening, if you are using chemicals, sanding a piece of furniture, home or any activity where your eyes are at risk. Remember that almost half of all eye injuries occur at home. Use safety glasses to avoid disappointment.

Resting the eyes of the computer screen

Contrary to popular belief, not the computer screen but the fact of focusing our attention in one place for several hours causing eye fatigue. According to Richard Bensinger, MD, of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the nature of the eyes is to be continually shifting their attention and focus on a single point.

Ideally, to guard our eyes from the computer screen is to rest your eyes every 20 minutes, looking elsewhere for 20 seconds so as to vary the focus and relax the eye muscles.

Follow a healthy eating

We are what we eat! By this I mean that the health of eyes and all body parts-is strongly influenced by the quality of our food. It is important to follow a balanced, healthy and nutritious, timely, eye is good to eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and lutein and omega-3 fatty acids such as citrus, nuts, green leafy vegetables, oily fish and whole grains.

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