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Get active!

activeBarely ten minutes a day need to activate and thus have the tone needed to stop sagging and poor circulation.

Start the day by checking the circulation, which prevents cellulite and varicose veins. Taking a few moments in bed to move the toes. Fold the legs or stand on tiptoe and count to ten while you raise an arm. Repeat with the other arm.

Take a swing on the toes and heels. Try to repeat these exercises throughout the day if you're sitting a long time. And especially when you notice swollen legs, lie down and elevate your feet on a chair two minutes while breathing slowly.

To maintain a strong chest, standing, put your hands on the wall at shoulder height, bends and extend your arms. Squeeze tummy and buttocks to avoid arching your back.

Another good exercise is to take a dumbbell in each hand and put them to shoulder height. Bring forward the forearms and elbows trying to raise the returns to the starting position. Do four sets of 12-15 repetitions of each.

To tone the arms and defined them, take note of these exercises. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand bend your legs. Put arms outstretched with palms down and returns to the starting position.

Hold a dumbbell with both hands on the head, with arms straight and bring your arms back without moving the elbows from the vertical. Just catching a ball and throwing up also raising an arm. Alternating with each arm 10 times this year.

On the other hand another little tip for exercise is to bring a sports bra, the shower after the game ends and cold water shower with a massage circulation throughout the body.

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