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5 signs of poor nutrition

 poor nutrition Poor nutrition affects the health and beauty of the body at different levels, among other things, accelerating the aging process. However, to prevent and repair damage from poor nutrition is possible. Do you know how to recognize poor nutrition?

Learn to recognize when there is a case of inadequate nutrition is a major step in knowing how to act and how to act in time mainly deal with that situation. That's why today Makeufits we present a list of 5 signs of poor nutrition.

Symptoms of poor nutrition

Problems in the mouth area

One of the clear symptoms or signs of poor nutrition is the emergence of health problems in the mouth and angular cheilitis commonly known as perleche. It is characterized by a series of small lesions, cracks and swellings in the corner of his mouth. This problem is a result of riboflavin deficiency (B12) and the lack of iron in the body. Other problems in the mouth associated with poor nutrition are the swelling of the tongue accompanied by an unusual pallor.

Brittle and dry hair

Although many times the condition of the hair is not taken into account when it comes to health, we know that healthy hair says a lot about the health of the person. Hair analysis is even more effective when it comes to detecting flaws in proteins and nutrients from the body. When you have brittle hair and looks brittle and dry, it is because we are dealing with a case of malnutrition result of an inadequate diet.

Strong sudden fatigue

The sudden fatigues are another signs that the person also has poor nutrition due to poor diet, lacking in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is a clear symptom of iron deficiency that can eventually lead to anemia. However it is important to know that the lack of energy, boredom and other aspects that come with fatigue can also be signs of disease. It is therefore important to see a health professional immediately.


Diarrhea may occur for various reasons; the vast majorities are related to diet, digestion and absorption of nutrients. In cases of chronic diarrhea, nutrients are poorly absorbed and nutrition declines considerably. Malabsorption may occur as a result of infection, surgery, use of certain medications, excessive alcohol consumption and diseases such as Crohn's disease. It is also something that often suffers from celiac disease, but the onset of diarrhea means that there is always poor nutrition.

Deformation of the nail

Often the deformation of the nails and the unhealthy aspect of these, as well as with hair, indicates problems in nutrition and lack of iron mainly. What happens to the nail versus poor nutrition is that as they grow up deformed, uneven and grow with a spoon. In addition, he spots appear white.

Do you have your good nutrition?

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