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Tips to improve mood

improve moodIn life not everything is rosy, the bad news, worries, stress and anxiety are the order of the day. This is nothing new. However, there is something we can change and that's how we cope. Here in Makeufits want to help it with tricks to improve the mood to feel more relaxed and full.

Is that, despite the adversities with which we get to deal with good face and good cheer life is always happy, right? It is also found to have an emotional health is satisfactory key to good physical and mental health.

Cheer up! These tips will help you :)

How to improve mood

Enjoy a facial massage

To improve mood, you must first empty your mind of worries (at least for a moment) and give us permission to relax. A good way to clear the mind is through a facial massage. How? Lie on your bed on your back and close your eyes.

With your fingers press down fairly firmly on eyebrows; keep pressing for three seconds, release 3 seconds, you press 3 seconds and release again to complete the exercise 5 times. Then repeat the same procedure on your brow and lips. Remember to breathe deeply while doing all exercises.

A tip? You can apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on each temple before acupressure to achieve additional relaxation, it has been shown to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

Watching a good movie

Reserve an afternoon or evening to watch a movie with your partner, your family or a friend. Choose your favorite film or always take the opportunity to learn a new one, what matters is that you can be distracted and enjoy it. My recommendation? A funny movie that makes you laughs out loud.


The kitchen is a great escape! Many people are in the habit of cooking a way to forget their problems. Is that, although we are not the best chef in the world, what matters is put forward, is not it? Perhaps one day experiencing flavors find a new recipe with which to surprise your loved ones.

Smell citrus aromas

The humor is conditioned by what we perceive with our senses, including smell. A study by Ohio University in the United States showed that those who were exposed to a stimulant-like scent lemony-tended to have higher morale. Buy essential oils of your favorite fruit flavors and put a few drops on your wrists or elbows and see your good mood naturally increases.

There are also foods and drinks that improve mood.

Spending time outdoors

Being stuck at home, lying on the couch and channel surfing on TV for hours is the classic image of depression or boredom. The best thing to "unplug" our mind from stress and feel happier and relaxed is going outdoors, how about a picnic in the park or a walk on the beach? It is proven that contact with nature and fresh air releases tension in the body.

Reload adrenaline

With just skip a couple of times or climbing stairs rapidly, for example, our body is revitalized through the charging of adrenaline and endorphin release. These hormones create a sense of pleasure and euphoria in the body, releasing pain and help combat stress. Furthermore, when we set in motion the beating of our hearts and oxygenate increase our lungs. If you get used to exercise several times a week, imagine the wonderful results it will have on your mood!

Meet the beauty routine

Spending even a few minutes a day to pamper yourself is another great way to feel better. Take a relaxing bath or a hot shower, apply moisturizer and body lotion, nail Paint yourself ... If you cared so much beauty, you will take the gustito, as these habits operate almost like therapy.

I hope these tips to improve mood ones you like and help achieve. Stay with us to see some ideas for a spirit from on Monday, how to eat to keep our mind on the job and the study shows that happiness is contagious.

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