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The benefits of laughter

laughThe mood is certainly one of the important ways we have been blessed with people. Laughter is usually a clear sign of happiness and that in itself and is beneficial for us in every way. This is a reaction that makes us easier to face the different challenges in life and also enhances and strengthens our immune system while helping to prevent various diseases.

The laughter therapy is often used to cure various diseases such as hypertension, ulcers, arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease. It is a bodily reaction to something that causes us grace that gives our body relaxation and also helps relieve stress and depression.

As we believe that laughing is one of the most important for our body from every point of view, now Makeufits we bring you some of the benefits of laughter to our health.

  • It generates a whole series of chemical changes in the body, especially as regards the release of enzymes and hormones that facilitate the normal functioning of various organs.
  • It causes the body to release natural antihistamines and activates T cells: natural antibiotics produced by the body.
  • Helps stimulate the immune system and fight infection.
  • Reduced production levels of hormones like cortisol, epinephrine and DOPAC, which are associated with stress. It also helps reduce pain by releasing endorphins and improves our attention span and pulse.
  • As for the heart, laughter helps lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.
  • It's good exercise for the respiratory tract, abdomen, legs, back and facial muscles.
  • It tones intestinal functioning and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Besides all the benefits we have outlined above and refer specifically to bodily health, laughter is considered beneficial for our psychological health because:

  • Boosts confidence in ourselves and gives us strength to deal with conflicts and challenges in life.
  • It helps us out of anxiety and depression, and makes us forget all the tensions that arise in our daily lives.
  • It helps us connect with others and improve our behavior in positive ways.

Given all these reasons there is no more than assert that laughter is one of the factors controllable by ourselves that contributes to our well-being and everyday wear a healthier life.

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