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Darken your hair naturally

Darken hair naturallyIf you're looking to color or intensify hair color at home, try these tips to add color to your hair in a natural way, with few ingredients you can have in your kitchen. It's a secret, even to cover gray hair.

- With unsweetened cocoa powder can darken your hair without dyeing. You mix equal parts cocoa shampoo and wash as you normally would. When you want to intensify the color again placed in the palm of your hand cocoa and the same shampoo and wash your hair and your hair oscurecerás naturally without damaging it.

- Vinegar and soy sauce to darken the hair also without chemicals. It takes half a cup of apple cider vinegar and add half cup of soy sauce, it must register as a rinse after washing with conventional shampoo. The smell of the leaves when preparing dried hair.

- Coffee to darken your hair at home. With a cup of conditioner, yogurt can be neutral, add ground coffee and half a cup of strong coffee and prepared, should be cool. Apply all over your head and cover with cap for an hour, then wash.

- Sage for dark hair without dyes. This is a natural coloring and is known as a folk remedy and natural dye for a long time, even ideal to cover gray hair. You make a tea with sage, this is on supermarket shelves smooth, and daily for six weeks, apply on your hair until it becomes darker on the point that you like. How to apply is to mix half with half the sage conditioner and do it every day.

Tips and warnings:

- Coffee, tea and cocoa are manchosos for skin and clothes, you must be careful.

- The pigments are absorbed by the hair differently in each individual. May be aided by a citric acid as the one found in the yogurt.

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