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Tips for a better night’s sleep

trouble sleepingAll who suffer insomnia or have trouble sleeping because something is disturbing, can not fail to know these tricks to sleep better every night. Although it may seem, change daily habits and incorporate several others are the key to a good rest.

You have not slept a wink all night? Keep these tips in mind a few hours before and during the time of going to bed.

6 hours before bedtime:

Reduce consumption of caffeine. We are not only difficult to sleep. Once we sleep, also can disrupt sleep. So avoid coffee after dinner sleep well that night.

4 to 6 hours before going to sleep:

Reduce consumption of alcohol. Yes, alcohol has a sedative effect, but that does not make us sleep well at night. Quite the contrary! Avoid drinks from 4 hours before going to bed.

2 to 4 hours before going to sleep:

Do not exercise. Practice Exercise is very healthy and helps us sleep better, but if we do not immediately before bedtime, for a while the body remains in "active mode". Try to be active in the afternoon or evening and let relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation, for later.

2 to 1 hour before going to sleep:

Take a hot bath and drink a glass of milk. Is proven to help you relax.

Turn off the computer, TV, phone and any device that distracts your attention.

30 minutes before bedtime:

Do something relaxing. To enter the atmosphere of relaxation, you can read a book, listening to soft music or relaxation exercises. Lie on your bed and breathe deeply.

When you're lying:

If you can not fall asleep within half an hour, it makes sense that you continue lying. Go back the activities of the previous step and see that little by little sleep will overtake you.

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