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The incenses are carcinogenic

carcinogenicIn some homes, incense is an essential part of the environments. So, walking through the rooms one can see that it smells like lavender, sandalwood and another to another to lemon, all caused by different aromatherapy incense.

Others, meanwhile, prefer to use the incense by using them far beyond their aroma, taking advantage of its inducing properties of states of mind, and while some use them to relax, others do it to avoid the depressive moods and other to energize. But ... they are doing things right?

Yes, of course, but must be cautious and prudent. A recent study has concluded that the incense cause cancer when in contact with our airways too often.

Of course, as with all objects that cause cancer (which by now are almost all in the face of the earth), you can contact them in normal mode, but not abuse transforming our house into a bank perfume rather than a home. Also remember that the chemicals they contain, incense is in itself quite harmful.

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