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How to eat after a tooth extraction

tooth extractionAfter the extraction of a tooth, we need to feed properly and carry out a series of care that include a specific type of power. Probably when discomfort in the mouth and palate disappear and appetite return after extraction your dentist will tell you a range of foods to avoid preventing problems.

On the other hand, there are some foods that you should know to make recovery more effective and also easier to perform, and that is why today Makeufits, we present a list of some of the best food to recover tooth extraction.

How to eat after a tooth extraction?

The recovery process will take several days, maybe a couple of weeks, and they must follow a series of care characterized by a healthy, smooth, even be helpful in other ways.

On the other hand, within the necessary care, we also recommend to stay away from hard or crunchy foods, which have elements that can stay embedded in the tooth and could pose a potential infection and also avoid at all costs the consumer alcohol and the bad habit of smoking.

Some of the best foods that will be of great help for early recovery and to avoid risks are to be detailed in the list below.

Food to recover from a tooth extraction

Milkshakes and smoothies

The shakes and smoothies, soft and creamy, are made with milk and fruit are also very rich in protein, making them suitable drink for recovery from the extraction of a tooth, especially the most common, that of the wisdom teeth. On the other hand, can be prepared easily, with almost all kinds of fruit and lots of ice, which will take away the discomfort that this intervention can lead you, for example, in summer. Simply place the fruit you want in a blender or mixer and mix with milk for a few seconds.


Applesauce is easy to digest, tasty and very nutritious, making it another excellent choice with which to feed after extraction. Furthermore, the block has various vitamins and fruit is a very versatile, which in addition to use in the mash, the can use for example in compote, some boiling and using the remaining juice.


Oh yes! Potassium! Bananas also have a soft texture, are full of potassium and really fill you up easily. It has lots of protein and minerals and is very easy to chew. You can eat with a banana naturally or use in any of the items noted above. You have the ability to use it in the smoothie with other fruits and milk or, mixing, crushing and adhere to the constitution of applesauce.


The avocado is also rich in protein and minerals, is tasty and again, a chewy fruit. You can simply cut a few slices to enjoy natural and raw, mixed with other elements, for example, with tomatoes or puree also.


Prepare a bowl of hot oatmeal is great. This can be mixed with a little water or milk and do a preparation easy to digest, which does not need to chew. On the other hand, it is highly nutritious, content is low in fat and high fiber content. Again, I remember those days when you invited Grandma with a delicious bowl of oatmeal.

Mashed potatoes

The mashed potato is high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and protein and of course, requires no effort on the palate, as it does not need to chew. You can make mashed potatoes with extra milk and give it a more liquid and smooth texture.


A good cup of yogurt in the morning and the afternoon will help, keep your body healthy. You can also use it at other meals or serve with small pieces of fruit, including some that we saw, such as bananas or apples.


This is a less nutritious food from the list. However, eating gelatin does not require any effort, is fresh, delicious and well, with its many fun colors and texture, we encourage a little upset after that we take away a tooth may cause.

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