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Food to stay young

FoodAll around the world have sought for years a lot of food to stay young, foods that reduce the symptoms of aging and all that work to slow the aging process naturally or not. Is that, of course, nobody likes to see that is aging your skin no longer looks the same and your body is not responding the same way I did before, in addition to health problems begin to highlight during this period.

The same question was able to capture our attention here in Makeufits and considering the latter is precisely that we have collected a number of foods to stay young , but obviously that will not be the solution and will not stop the hard work of time, will help you prevent certain symptoms of aging, will keep you healthier and younger.

Olive oil

It's been about more than 50 years, a group of researchers at the center of Seven Countries study, conducted research on feeding particular the citizens of the ancient city of the Greek island of Crete and concluded that diets these citizens that included large amounts of olive oil was the key for which there were very low cups of heart disease and cancer.

At present, it is known that this is due to the high amounts of polyphenols, potent antioxidants that owns the olive oil, can prevent diseases, cardiac-type and some issues related to these and to aging.


It has always been known to yogurt as a rejuvenating product, with benefits at different levels of health and with properties that help in some treatments to rejuvenate the body. However, these properties were never proven exactly. However, it is known that in many parts of the world in which the yogurt is strongly present in normal diets, their villagers reported longer and healthier lives, sometimes leading to hundreds of years.

On the other hand, have also recognized its properties and benefits in the prevention of aging-related diseases such as osteoporosis and intestinal rejuvenation. This is due to bone strength after its high calcium content, and cleaning the intestines due to the presence of beneficial bacteria and flora in it.


As we know, and we have seen repeatedly, the properties and benefits of fish are numerous. It is no coincidence that the people in the most remote villages of the natives of Alaska, notably rarely recorded at least some kind of problem or illness to the heart and cardiac system.

For over 30 years, we studied this situation to understand what was causing this and the researchers were able to determine quickly explained that after the many seafood products consumed in their diets with fish. Fish is the main source of fats and oils of omega-3, which prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and cleans the arteries, protecting the heart of various risks and keeping the body young and healthy.


In the San Blas islands, off the coast of Panama, there is an island called Kuna people have a cup of heart disease incredible nine times lower than in the rest of the entire Panamanian territory, and other parts of the continent.

To find out why that is, just need to know the customs of the islanders and more precisely the foods and drinks, also known as the Kuna drink made with cocoa, a chocolate that is drunk every day. Very rich in flavonoids that preserve and maintain healthy blood vessels, keep them young, lowers risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

Other foods to consider

Other foods to stay young to be considered are:

  • The nuts, which have antioxidant properties, vitamins and proteins.
  • The red wine, with a rather moderate daily consumption (1 glass a day) benefits heart function and keeps you younger for their content of resveratrol.
  • Blueberries, great antioxidant, aids memory and brain function in general.

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