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A genetic solution to lung cancer

lung cancerSo much that we've talked about it, know that lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in people with this disease, and in fact cancers kill more people worldwide. Unfortunately, strategies to combat it are not great, but genetics has recently opened a door that is a major contribution to that end.

Science knows that there are certain genes that contribute to slow disease development. The problem is where. Particularly for lung cancer, researchers at the University of Nottingham have failed to detect the location of one of them: the gene LIMD1.

Studying tissue damage and lung cancer compared with healthy tissue, geneticists have found that the LIMD1 is present in healthy tissue but not in the damaged, which could provide a useful guideline to combat this disease. In fact, the gene is located on chromosome 3, called 3p21, which tends to disappear as lung cancer develops.

Now the bet is to find mechanisms to strengthen its operations. If you managed to increase their activity and protect from the harmful chemicals contained in cigarette, complementing this with the protection of other genes that share its virtues, we might have interesting tools to prevent lung cancer.

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