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Chewing gum to prevent ear infections

prevent ear infectionsEspecially in children, recent studies have shown that chewing gum helps prevent ear infections due to one of its ingredients. Today from Makeufits I invite you to hear what this new discovery.

Chewing gum has among its ingredients a substance called xylitol sweetener and as we had before you, in a recent study found that chewing gum prevents ear infections.

The experiment was carried out with children who chewed gum with xylitol sweetener and children who chewed placebo gum. The results showed that children who chewed xylitol gum were 25% less likely to suffer pain and ear infections than did placebo.

The children were 2 pieces of gum, 5 times a day for about 3 months. The xylitol chewing gum is often recommended by dentists to prevent tooth decay mode after bacteria-inhibiting property.

On the other hand, acute infection of the ear otitis media is most common in children and treatment usually involves the use of antibiotics for which the use of chewing gum could be very positive, reducing the consumption of drugs in children.

However, even the professionals and the authorities in charge of the investigation altogether or only recommend the use of xylitol chewing gum to prevent ear infections and that further studies are needed to apply the results of the project.


The research was carried out in Finland by Dr. Azarpazhooh and a group of colleagues, and was attended by approximately about 3100 children, all less than 12 years, some of whom received xylitol gum and other placebo.

Four months later, the studies yielded promising results and positive, showing that children who had consumed xylitol had a reduced risk of ear infections.

Xylitol consumption also reduced the use of antibiotics in children, which were prescribed to 10% less than in those who consumed placebo. Finally, although the results were positive, the doctor said that in any case should be developed similar studies in other parts of the world to get more results.

The operation

Some bacteria, such as the Streptococcus, to enter and colonize the upper respiratory tract, ear and make it to the most frequent causes the typical ear infection known as acute otitis media. What is xylitol is difficult or impede the ability of bacteria to adhere and penetrate the airways, which is not allowed to develop properly and grow.

Doctors recommend that the child use the gum about 5 to 10 minutes, as the constant and continuous use of chewing gum can cause problems with your teeth and remove the desire to eat. Thus, research is just beginning to develop.

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