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Care for excellent hearing

hearing The ears, organs of hearing and balance, are noted for their high sensitivity. The ear care includes protection against wear and external pressures, as well as special hygiene.

First you should avoid completely eliminate the obsession ear wax because wax does not have some means lack of hygiene, but that is normal and necessary to protect the eardrum.

The wax serves to repel water to trap dust and even insects; it is also a barrier against infectious agents. You peek clean only when the outside of the ear canal.

The bathroom and chewing are mobilized and cause the wax out of the duct, in which case you should use a handkerchief or gauze pad soaked, never dry. It is also possible to use seawater diffusers that are sold in pharmacies, which softens the wax and allows its removal without problems.

Avoid the use of cotton buds; because they push the wax inward, closing the duct and can damage the eardrum. Moreover, the friction increases the production of wax, so play with dry swab the canal walls, instead of diminishing, increases the cerumen.

On blowing the nose increases the air pressure in the nostrils, which is transmitted to the middle ear through the Eustachian tubes. In addition, blowing strong, the existing germs mucus in the nose is pushed through the tubes into the middle ear, which can cause otitis media.

The cold days are essential to protect the ears, especially when windy. Children's ears are very sensitive, and exposure to cold and wind can cause an ear infection.

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