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The benefits of naked yoga

The benefits of naked yoga The benefits we offer the practice of yoga are endless. The physical and mental aspects are greatly benefited by continual practice, there are many types of yoga, and today we're going to comment on yoga in the nude.

If, as you read, yoga nude, it is literally the practice of yoga without clothes, and is based on the same principle that yoga "traditional", ie the unification of mind, body and spirit.

This is a type of yoga every day is becoming more popular, besides the already known benefits, encourages people who do it get rid of taboos and insecurities, it somehow forces a body acceptance as it is, which eventually leads to an acceptance of ourselves.

Some of the rules that are followed to the naked yoga practice are:

- It takes place in an enclosed, windowless, with the doors locked and do not allow cameras or cell phones.

- The only people allowed to enter the room are only those that are registered in the class.

- You have to choose, since in some places there are mixed classes, but other classes are either women only or men-only.

The principle governing the naked yoga indicates that the body is a temple and as such must be nurtured and celebrated, regardless of their shape and appearance.

Would you dare to practice yoga naked? What do you think of this trend?

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