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Goji Berries: contraindications

contraindicationsGoji berries are used as natural medicine for cancer. Several scientific studies have shown that cancer patients respond better to treatment when goji berries include meals.

It is a food with antioxidant properties reduces cholesterol levels and may slow the growth of tumor cells. Although these anti-tumor properties are still under discussion, there are some contraindications of goji berries which must be known before deciding its medicinal use.

Not exactly a known side effect of goji gowns, but recent research suggests that some adverse reactions may occur in some cases. I must say that many berries of various plants are poisonous for human consumption and that only some can be eaten as a home remedy.

An over-consumption of goji berries, and nuts among the berries, medicinal, can seriously compromise health. Usually recommend taking three or four cups of tea goji berries, although you should consult with a specialist in herbal medicine about which is the dose to take.

There have been cases where goji berries have interacted with anticoagulant drugs, commonly called blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin), causing bleeding and blood disorders.

Goji berries are contraindicated in patients who have digestive problems like irritable bowel and in cases of nervous tension. In the same way is not recommended for use on an empty stomach, these indications are because the body can not properly assimilate the components of goji berries in these cases

Recently, discusses the effectiveness of goji berries and some companies take advantage of the dispute, which has become fashionable to goji berries, and found many products of dubious quality and origin that are marketed as an extract or juice goji berries. You need to be very careful what you eat, especially processed products for sale.

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